About Us

Company History

Founded in 1998, Professional Data Services has been working with both federal and non-federal political entities for over two decades. We began by serving our home state of Georgia but quickly grew nationally. As the political world became more comfortable with off-site treasury management and in conjunction with the proliferation of web services we were able to perform the same core services for clients across the country. As our footprint grew we continued to strive to earn the trust from more and more organizations, who have relied on PDS to accurately and professionally handle their compliance and treasury needs.

Our growing staff has an abundance of experience in compliance and treasury services. We greatly value continued education in the ever changing world of campaign finance. We regularly attend FEC conferences and stay on top of the latest rule changes and advisory opinions that can effect the day to day operations for our clients and their committees. Our dedication ensures that your organization can expect and receive the highest level of service.

Paul Kilgore, CEO

Paul Kilgore began his political finance career in 1994 preparing matching funds reports for seven of the candidates for the Republican nomination for President in the 1996 election cycle. He moved back to Georgia in February 1996 and assumed the financial and compliance duties for US Senator Paul Coverdell as well as two other US Senate campaigns. It was at the end of that election cycle that he was approached by Speaker Gingrich’s campaign about joining the team as controller for the committee, assisting in a variety of roles including administering a direct mail operation that raised the bulk of the then record setting seven million dollars in the 1998 election cycle.

At the end of that election cycle, the opportunity to form Professional Data Services was apparent. As the political world began to fully shift online Paul was able to thrive in this environment and lay the groundwork that led to PDS becoming a leading compliance firm in today’s world of Republican politics.