Initial Committee Setup

You have made the decision to run for office but are unsure where to even begin on setting up your committee. The skilled team at PDS can help you set the process in motion. From filing the initial registration documentation, to acquiring a tax ID and opening a bank account, setting up payroll for employees and helping to get the basic infrastructure in place for the compliance and finance operation of your committee, PDS can help ensure the rollout of your committee goes as smoothly as possible.

Day-to-Day Treasury Management

A vital part of any organization is a precise accounting for every dollar raised and spent. PDS has spent decades now refining our internal processes and developing a best practices standard to ensure that totals in regular updates provided to committee staff, and ultimately reported to the FEC or applicable state regulatory agency, are accurate. Every dollar going in and out for the committee is reconciled from the bank to our accounting software and again from that reconciled accounting software to the donor database. We add multiple levels to our process to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. 
We can tailor our services around what is most comfortable for you. Our preference is to take as much of this work off your hands as possible. But we do understand that there may be a desire to hold on to some of these tasks, so if you prefer to make your own deposits and/or process your own expenditures we have a good set of best practices for this workflow as well. The PDS team is here to help install services that best suits your own individual needs and preferences. 

Donor Correspondence

There are times where follow-up communication with donors is required, whether for further clarification on previously made contributions, re-designation and re-attribution requests, verifying the permissibility of a contribution or following up with a donor to request their employer and occupation based on the FEC’s best efforts standard, the team at PDS is setup with the equipment needed to get these letters out in a timely matter and at scale when necessary. We can also assist in processing and sending out any donor thank you letters if that is something desired.

FEC and State Level Compliance Management

When it is time to file reports with the FEC it is important to make sure that all of this is happening in a professional and timely manner. These reports are instantly available to the press and political opponents, so PDS understands that accuracy is of the utmost importance. Our standard practices build in for extra availability during filing periods and our multi-tiered internal process for generating and filing reports ensures that multiple people, in consultation with committee staff and it’s legal counsel, will review and sign off on any regular interval reporting before it is uploaded.